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We supply our platform as a service, covering installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade of hardware as well as content updates and footfall analytics reporting.

Our service is built on three solid pillars – Accessibility – Discoverability – Sustainability

each playing a crucial role in achieving tourism excellence.



Accessibility means information is available free to any visitor with a smartphone or tablet. With a few simple taps they can connect to the information server – No App required.

Content is displayed on a standard browser such as Chrome or Safari. Visitors access the information point over WiFi eliminating data roaming charges for international tourists.

Visitors use their smart devices to play Audio Guides and Video Clips or view Maps and Text documents in PDF.

This technology provides access to information for people with Hearing, Visual and Mobility impairments .

The information point uses the browser settings to automatically present information in the visitors native language.


Discoverability means providing relevant information from a single source. Present the 3 minute overview or allow your visitors to peel back the layers of history and cultural heritage through engaging and dynamic content.

The information point at each site can be used to guide visitors to the next site close by creating an exciting voyage of discovery revealing hidden details and local stories along the way.



Sustainability means tourism  will positively impact society and the economy while minimizing the impact on the environment. Our solution provides multilingual, multimedia information without large interpretation panels blotting out the landscape.

The download feature reduces the need for wasteful printed guides and maps.

The information point runs on renewable solar and wind energy making it suitable for even the most environmentally sensitive sites.

Each information point has inbuilt footfall measurement capabilities which when analyzed across multiple sites can assist in conservation efforts.

Footfall analytics can be used to generate visitor heat maps and manage tourist flow in line with strategic objectives.